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The heart of the Aviexx Technology is the Edge Node. The Edge nodes are currently offered in two form factors

  • Aviexx Retrofit Edge Nodes are for existing equipment that was not designed specifically for Aviexx Technology. This will represent most of the applications in the field

  • There are edge nodes for equipment that comes from the factory with Aviexx Embedded Technology built-in

A Single kit consists of an edge node along with a selection of sensors. (Plenum Sensors, Pipe Sensors, Leak Detectors, Tank Sensors and more)

Aviexx kits are available from Distributors for virtually all types and combinations of residential and light commercial comfort systems.

The Service Pro Technician installs the kit usually in 20 minutes or less. Retrofit Edge Nodes are installed at a convenient location on the HVAC equipment.

Thermostat connections are clearly marked on the Aviexx Edge Node. Wires from the edge node to the thermostat connections on the equipment are then made. These connections are electrically in parallel with the household thermostat allowing the Aviexx Edge Node to monitor thermostat activity.

A variety of sensors supplied in the kit are quickly attached at critical points allowing the Aviexx Edge Node to gather and analyze operation data on a continuous basis. In Furnaces and heat pump applications plenum sensors install in ductwork to obtain accurate supply and return air temperatures. For Air conditioning Domestic Hot Water and Hydronic applications, Kits come supplied with universal pipe sensors that rapidly attach with cable ties. These sensors are suitable for pipes from 3/8" up to 2-1/2" diameters

Once installed the Aviexx Edge Node is simply connected to the local building Wi-Fi using a mobile phone and following the clear and concise on-screen prompts. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.


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