AC Pro-Tech 1 liter

AC Pro-Tech 1 liter

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All in one corrosion and complete HVAC protection Liquid 1 liter (sometimes 32Oz) coating, UN1263, PG III, Class 3, Flammable liquid Polymer (varnish) this product can be applied with a sprayer, or a brush, when using a sprayer it may need to be thinned.

the product is designed to coat all the PC Boards, the Coils and the cabinets with a single product, no blending, no hardener and no complicated prep, this coating will last several years in salt laden air, only requiring re-application every 3 years. 

Goes on Clear, Stays Clear

It's UV stable and wont yellow

Does not affect heat transfer

It's non-conductive to electricity

Can be applied to PCB, Cabinets and Coils

Helps prevent Mold formation


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